PEARL-UK provides its innovative research services for enhanced business IT solutions. Our research on innovations and business is focused on three interconnected principles.

Firstly, we develop technology-based business in industry and in service companies. In this theme, we focus on our customers’ strategy creation. We also possess research-based expertise concerning the planning, development and implementation of business models, innovative business processes (including industrial services), and new product or service development processes. Furthermore, our services cover such needs as IPR valuation and value-based pricing practices. In these fields we apply the latest practices and knowledge together with our customers.

Secondly, in the field of operations management we aim at improving the functionality and management of organisations and enterprise networks. To support this, advanced information management tools for the inter-enterprise environment are developed. Our research work and research-based services comprise development and renewal of organisations including enterprise networks, and safety culture related issues in safety critical organisations. We also support our customers when they develop subcontracting, R&D and other business networks.

Thirdly, our research related to innovation and society deals with innovations and industrial change, innovation policy and evaluation of policy instruments as well as technology foresight and assessment. The main aim is to provide innovation policy decision makers with the appropriate knowledge base. Currently, the central research themes comprise dynamics of innovation and industrial renewal, including analyses of the innovation processes, regional aspects of innovation, in both global and local context, firm performance, service innovations, spin-offs and entrepreneurship, knowledge management, social embedding of innovations and integrating methods for foresight, R&D evaluation and risk assessment. In policy oriented research we provide research-based services related to policy design, implementation and impact assessment as well as monitoring of policy trends. In technology foresight the research is focused on tailored expert processes that aim at producing future-oriented knowledge about emerging technologies and innovations in different societal contexts. The main approaches include technology and business road-mapping, technology and risk assessments and visionary strategy and development processes.

Research Applications

Our research application area extends from the needs of SME’s to Multinational organisations. In developing technology-based industry and organisation networks, our main focus is local government in public sector and SME’s in private sectors, especially from areas such as planning, development, public services, HRM and manufacturing. The main application areas of organisation research are SMEs and knowledge organisations. Research related to innovation and society is performed primarily for the needs of business process efficiency and organisational performance effectiveness at local, regional, national and international levels. In particular, the foresight activities are directed towards the needs of companies and industries.

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