How to make the most of PAS

 1. Toolkits, guidance, case studies, presentations and more

 We make lots of stuff so that you don’t have to.

We want you to take it, use it and recycle it as you see fit. Unless we say so, its all free, produced by experts and ready to use. We’re also trying to get better at publishing draft materials for feedback.

You can find all this useful stuff under each of main topics featured on the site.

We’re not perfect, so we’d appreciate it if you let us know when you find something out of date. If there is something you think we could help with.

2. A new service to help you stay up to date

Because some of the stuff we make is so important to you, we have a developed a new service to help you keep on top of it.

We will tell you when the materials we produce change – this happens regularly as new information becomes available, new policies come into play and new legislation is introduced.

You can  registerr to receive update alerts for the whole site, or choose a specific area of interest:

  • CIL
  • Local Development Orders
  • Neighbourhood plans
  • Local Plans
  • Councillor training
  • Development management
  • Leadership

This means you don’t have to keep checking back to ensure you’re using the latest version of a template.


This is different list, run in a different way from our monthly newsletter. You will not recieve updates unless you sign up.

3. Events, training and direct support


We run events, training and direct support sessions throughout the year, all across England.

Some of our events are open to all, while others are for councils who meet certain criteria.

In 2013 our focus is on councils without a plan, or those needing to revise a very old plan. We’re also trying to work with councils struggling to defend appeals. If you think we can help, your best bet is to simply write us a mail and someone will have a conversation with you. Remember – we spend more than a million pounds on councils and the best way to receive is to ask.

You can see what is currently on offer and who it is available to under each topic area on the website. Most of what we do is available without fee.  Some of our events sell out quite quickly so we encourage people to sign up to our newsletter and book promptly.

We make training materials and presentations from past events available online, under the Events and Training section of each topic.

4. A platform for support and discussion

Ourdiscussion forums have moved over to Knowledgehub, the Local Government Associations networking site.

All your posts are still there and you will be able to log-in with your normal details.

Our discussion forums have always been one of the most popular and active parts of the site. If you have a planning issue, chances are that someone on there will be able to help. There aren’t any rules (apart from keep it helpful), and members of the public are welcome.

Find out more here.

5. Councillor page

We have a new section on the website for councillors. It collects together contains all the info we think is useful for Councillors in one location. We’ve tried to make it helpful for councillors themselves and the officers that support them. To receive an email when we add or update something, use our new update service.

6. Stay in touch

If you nothing else, you must sign up to our monthly newsletter

Our monthly newsletter is still the best way to stay informed about what PAS are doing across the board.

With over 10,000 subscribers, this is where you will hear about latest events, case studies and news. We also include forum discussions and new blog posts from the PAS team.

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