About Us

Founded in 2008 by Nasrullah Khilji, PEARL-UK has worked hard to build up a reputation as one of the reliable business IT solutions provider in South East Midlands leading computer support, business solution, web development and innovative research companies.

At PEARL-UK, we believe in building strong working relationships with all our customers. The unwavering focus of the business is to remove our client’s worries and concerns about their business ICT and anything that communicates with, runs on, or connects to their business.

We carry out constant research and development to understand what our customers want and we give them the chance to be fully involved in their business IT solutions, via regular meetings and consultations throughout the year.

We manage and deliver IT solution, technological integration, technical support and services using our own resources. We also resell expert systems from best-of-breed technology partners including IBM, Microsoft and SAP. This ensures you have one point of accountability for all of your business IT needs.

PEARL-UK is your one stop IT solutions provider in order to remove all your worries and concerns about your computers. If we can achieve this we know our customers will be delighted that they can concentrate on using them to achieve their goals, whether that’s simply doing some on-line shopping or growing a successful business.

More specifically our services include:

We are always open to new ideas and developments and have our own dedicated team. So if you have an idea or wish to discuss the services we offer in full then please call 01234 758055 during working hours Monday to Friday or leave us a message so we can come back to you on info@pearl-uk.co.uk.